Our company’s name EiffelFab LLC comes from the global icon that represents what we’re all about!

We specialize in all custom wrought iron design, fabrication and installation. As a licensed General Contractor, our projects consists of manual and automated gates, exterior fences, indoor and outdoor railing as well as repair and maintenance of automatic garage doors.

 We serve the Portland Metro, surrounding areas and Vancouver WA. Estimates are free and are all based on what is discussed with the home owner.


When an EiffelFab LLC representative comes to see your project we carefully inspect the site, take measurements and discuss the home owner’s idea for their gate, fence or railing project. 

There are different parts of the home that require maintenance and sometimes regular replacement. The home also needs to be safe for the family members and guests. Custom iron fabrication and installation byEiffelFab LLC is DURABLE. Gates, fences and railings are welded, bolted and or covered in cement deep in the ground that weather elements such as wind will not damage the structure or anything around it.EiffelFab LLC gates, fences and railings require little to no maintenance. Depending on the home owner’s preference, our gates, fences and railings finish can be painted with 2 coats of special primer and 2 coats of high quality finish paint or powder coated. This prevents paint peeling and rust.

Custom wrought iron design by EiffelFab LLC gives home owners the opportunity to improve the curb appeal of their home. Our custom wrought iron design ranges from basic up to more detailed gates, fences and railings. DECORATIVE metal or plastic elements such as pickets, scrolls, spears, floral and other elements add to the over-all look of our gates, fences and railings. Depending on the location of the project, gates, fences and railings could be curved or arched to suit the home owner’s needs and wants. Gates, fences and railings designs also range from traditional to modern and can be built to suit to complement the look of the home.

And since it is a collaboration between the home owner and EiffelFab LLC, gates, fences and railings are DISTINCT. We design based on the home owner’s input and upon approval custom fabricate it for their home. As a unique design, gates, fences and railings become conversation pieces. Guests and neighbors will even come by and ask you about them. 

During the free estimate consultation, our EiffelFab LLC representative gives home owners suggestions as well as ask them questions on how they want the final project to look. We do our best to work within the home owner’s budget and timelines.

To see samples of what we’ve done, please click through the pages.

We are looking forward to meet with you and get started on your durable, decorative and distinct gate, fence or railing project! Call us today!