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Our free estimate consultation process starts when an initial meeting is set between the homeowner and our EiffelFab LLC representative. We start off by looking at the site of the project, asking questions on what are the home owner’s expectations for the project. Our EiffelFab LLC representative will also inform the homeowner If there are any repairs or out of the ordinary issues that needs to be done to complete the project. Depending on the EiffelFab LLC representative’s schedule for the day, the free estimate may be emailed, mailed on the same day or on a specific date. The free estimate gives the home owner a clear idea of what the scope of work is for the project, materials to be used, project completion and deposit and full payment expectations. We then leave it up to the home owner to decide when they would like to start the project.

Phone: 503 830 1119

Shop location: 16260 Timber road east, Vernonia, Oregon, 97064

Mailing address: 515 NW Saltzman Rd #922 Portland OR 97229

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