Custom Wrought Iron Railings - Basic or With Ornamental Design and Fabrication

Step Railings are another to keep the home safe. With the weather in the northwest, steps with no railings can be dangerous. Home owners and their family and guests need something stable to hold on to when they’re climbing up or down the steps in the rain. Railings provide that support everyone needs when using outdoor steps or indoor stairs without any fear of falling or getting hurt.

There are indoor and outdoor railings and both can withstand the abuse and traffic for a long time.

EiffelFab LLC custom wrought iron design ranges from basic up to more detailed railings. Decorative metal or plastic elements such as pickets, scrolls, spears, floral and other elements add to the over-all look of our fences. Our fences can be painted with 2 coats of special primer and 2 coats of high quality finish paint or powder coated. This prevents paint peeling and rust.

We design, fabricate and install all types of custom wrought iron railings. They are durable and require little to no maintenance. Decorative metal or plastic elements such as pickets, scrolls, spears, floral and other elements can also be added to enhance the over-all look of the gates. Gates could also be curved or arched to suit the home owner’s needs and wants. Gate designs also range from traditional to modern and can be built to complement the look of the home. EiffelFab LLC does your basic multi-step railing to the more elaborate indoor staircases.

During the free estimate consultation, our EiffelFab LLC representative determines the railing requirements of the home owner. Our EiffelFab LLC representative will also offer suggestions and ask questions on how the home owner would like their railing to look. We do our best to work within the home owner’s budget and timelines.

We are currently offering a basic wrought iron hand rails for up to two steps for $300.00 that is custom made, fabricated and installed in one day! (Promo ends on: August 31, 2014).